The Beauty Of Lamington

Lamington National park is suitable for having a good time, and this is why visitors flock there yearly to enjoy the beautiful landscape, the wildlife and biodiversity. Expectedly, there is a good number of attractions in the park to keep visitors entertained during their time at the park. Here are some of the attractions you will find in Lamington National Park.

Binna Burra Lower Day-Use Area

If you need somewhere to sit back, relax and take off stress during your stay, then you might the Binna Burra lower day-use area ideal. The picnic tables beneath grand old eucalypts are perfect for having picnics with family, friends and even meeting other visitors. Situating the picnic tables under the eucalypts is also a nice touch as you are able to have a good time while being adequately protected from the sun. 

Not too distant from the picnic area, you will find the Binna Burra Information Centre. If you are visiting for the first time, this information centre would definitely prove useful. It contains all the resources you need to plan your Lamington journey. The resources range from maps to books. The Binna Burra Information Centre is also ideal if you are looking to learn a lot about Lamington National Park and its history. 

Just beside the information centre is the forester’s hut. In this place, you really learn about track construction and bushwalking in Australia. If you are feeling up to it, you can also decide to take a walk as two walking tracks start from the Binna Burra lower day-use area. 

Binna Burra Upper Day-Use Area

This area is surrounded by lush subtropical rainforest, which makes for great scenery to relax. You will also enjoy the lovely sight of the Australian brush-turkeys that often strut around the car park here. There is a picnic table to have a seat and relax with friends. In addition to this, there is a free BBQ nearby that you can use to prepare some food. 

The Border Track starts from this area, so if you are feeling inspired, you could easily take a walk into the beautiful rainforest.

Green Mountains Day-Use Area

There are picnic tables under shades here, so it a great place to unwind. In addition, you can enjoy a barbeque nearby. This area also features the Green Mountains Information Centre, a great place to learn about Lamington National Park and its World Heritage Status. You can also check the profiles of some of the six walking tracks near you intend to explore them.

Kamarun Lookout

The Kamarun Lookout is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of hills, valleys and craggy peaks. You can have a picnic here and simply enjoy the breath-taking views. You could also visit the historic Romeo Larey memorial lookout shelter that recognises the role Larey played in having Lamington declared as a National Park.

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