Learn More About Camping

Camping is one activity many visitors like to engage in when they visit Lamington National Park. The park duly provides for this. At the moment, the camping area at the Green Mountains section that is now known as the O’Reilly’s Campground is open to visitors. In order to offer a robust and enjoyable camping experience to visitors, the Queensland Government and the O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat have collaborated to carry out an extensive makeover of the campground.

The improved campground now has 24 tent sites, a new amenities block, 17 safari tents, 21 campervan sites, a small visiting room, shared ensuite pods to service safari tents as well as a communal camp kitchen and fire pit. All of these were constructed as part of the Green Mountains Camping Area Ecotourism Revitalisation Project.

In addition to the O’Reilly’s Campground, there is another privately-managed campground that is open to visitors. This campground is located adjacent to the Binna Burra section of the Lamington National Park. It is also within short walking distances to all graded walking tracks.

Furthermore, there are opportunities for walk-in bush camping within the park. These limited bush campsites are situated in remote areas of Lamington National Park. They are only available between February and November every year, which means visitors cannot visit them between 1 December and 31 January. It is noteworthy that these bush campsites can only be reached by walking to need either a GPS or a topographic map definitely. 

In addition, only people who are well prepared and possess a high level of physical fitness and navigational skills can explore these remote bush camping sites. The group size allowed per night on one site is limited to between 4 and 8 campers.

There are two major types of bush camping that you engage in. Either bush camping-on-track sites or bush camping -off-track remote sites. On-track bush campsites are beside the walking tracks. They are also no less than a 2-hour walk from a trailhead. It is important that you read general information on bush camping before selecting and booking your site. Some of the on-track bush campsites include Echo Point bush campsite, Mount Bithongabel bush campsite and Illinbah bush campsite.

On the other hand, off-track bush campsites, as the name suggests, are located off-track, and they are majorly located in the southern section of the Lamington National Park. These have more difficult terrains with rough trails that are not marked and usually very difficult to follow as a result of tree falls and false trails. As such, off-track bush campsites are to be only explored by fit and experienced bushwalkers who have the necessary navigation skills equipment. Tools like topographic maps, Compass and GPS are highly essential. It is also important to know how to use them. Some of the off-track bush camping sites are Rat-a-Tat remote bush camp site, Darlington remote bush camp site and Stinson remote bush camp site. 


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