Discover The Facilities At Lamington

Lamington National Park, being one of the leading Australia national parks, is expectedly fitted with a good number of useful facilities. Some of these facilities are put in place to raise the recreational value of the park, while others are simply to give visitors as much comfort as is possible in a park. Regardless of the type, all are facilities that would be well appreciated by visitors. Here some of the facilities you will find in the park:


Whether you are simply relaxing in the picnic area or you are simply famished, a barbecue joint is definitely a facility you would find useful during your stay at the park. The BBQ is free to use, so you can simply make some lunch when you are in one of the day-use areas in the park. What is more relaxing than chatting over a barbecue with friends at a picnic table? 

If you need to find a BBQ, they are usually located in the upper day-use areas which you will find in both the Green Mountains section and the Binna Burra section of the Lamington National Park.

Picnic Tables

Every day-use area in Lamington National Park is fitted with picnic tables. These picnic tables serve as a spot where visitors can sit down and unwind. This is especially useful for people who have just completed some walk track and need to relax. Some of the picnic tables are situated in areas surrounded by beautiful landscapes, as such, they can be a place for visitors to sit and observe nature’s beauty. 

Tent Camping

Facilities are provided for a great camping experience. This particularly true of the O’Reilly Campground that recently underwent an extensive makeover. The campground now boasts of 24 tent sites, a new amenities block, 17 safari tents, 21 campervan sites, a small visiting room, shared ensuite pods to service safari tents as well as a communal camp kitchen and fire pit.

Information Centre

If you are looking for a place where you can find all the resources you could possibly need for your visit to Lamington National Park, then you should look no further than the park’s two information centres. The two sections of the park have one information centre each. Thus, there is the Green Mountains Information Centre which you will find in the Green Mountains day-use area. Similarly, there is the Binna Burra Information Centre which is located in the Binna Burra lower day-use area.

The information centres are the best places to learn all about Lamington National Park, its history as well as its World Heritage status. In the centres, you will also find other useful resources ranging from books to maps that you can use to plan out your exploration of Lamington National Park. Furthermore, the information centres are useful for reading the profiles and other useful information on the walk tracks you intend to explore during your stay.

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