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Taking walks in Lamington National Park is an experience to discover. Visitors from various locations visit the park yearly to explore various tracks that offer a rendition of nature’s beauty through breath-taking views and biodiversity. There are various tracks visitors can explore when they visit Lamington National Park, each with its own unique experience. Here are a few of them: 

Albert River Circuit

This is a 21.8km circuit that offers a venture through ancient and lush gullies. The circuit takes you from the Border track to the forests of Antarctic beech. From here, you get to explore a lush rainforest gully where you can immerse yourself in the breath-taking view of the Echo Falls.  After the lush rainforest gully, the circuit takes you uphill along a branch of the Albert River where you are able to enjoy views of Mount Wupawn to Mount Durigan. You then continue east near the Queensland-New South Wales border before returning to the starting point – the Border track.

This is located in the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area that is popular for its evolutionary history and diversity. 

Border Track

This is a 21.4km one path with a walking time of about 7 hours. The Border Track allows you to experience the heartland of an ancient landscape that connects the Green Mountains section and the Binna Burra section of the Lamington National Park. The Border Track is also at the centre of the Lamington walking track system.

Taking the Border Track allows you to hike through rainforests, lush gullies as well as mountain streams and waterfalls. You also get great views of the Tweed Range, the Limpinwood Valley and ‘Wollumbin’ (Mount Warning). If you are lucky, you will get to hear the ringing call of Albert’s Lyrebird. This track is also part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. 

It is important to stay on the Border Track though. Taking other routes that seem like shortcuts may end up making spending more time walking than planned.

Caves Circuit

This is a 5km circuit with a moderate walking time of 1.5 hours. Within this short distance, the Caves circuit offers you excellent views across the Darlington Range and into Coomera Valley. The circuit begins from the Binna Burra lower day-use area and takes you through eucalypt forest. It gives a great view of wildlife as you might see your eyes on different animals ranging koala to songbirds and white-throated treecreepers.  

You then pass by Kweebanu Cave and the seat commemorating Robert Collins and his efforts to preserve this landscape. You should be careful, though; some of the surfaces could be unstable. Also, avoid staying near the cave.

Meta Description: Lamington National Park features many exciting walking tracks that allow you to explore the beautiful landscape and wildlife. Are you curious?

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