Things to Do

You Can Do Various Things

There is definitely no shortage of activities to engage in when you visit the Lamington National Park. The park features a couple of attractions and other facilities that will keep you entertained all through your stay. Here are a couple of things you could engage in during your visit to Lamington National Park:


This is one activity many visitors usually engage in. Camping in Lamington National Park is an experience, and there are a couple of options. You could use the O’Reilly Campground that is located at the Green Mountains section of Lamington National Park. This campground recently underwent a major makeover that added new facilities and improved existing ones in order to give you a great camping experience. If you want to visit the O’Reilly Campground, you can easily make your bookings.

There are also a couple of remote bush campsites for people who enjoy bush camping. These sites are for the real explorers as they require a high level of skill and experience in bush camping. It is also necessary to have necessary tools like compass, map and GPS if you intend to visit one of these remote bush camping sites.



You can lodge at some of the beautiful ecolodges available during your stay at Lamington. The O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat and Binna Burra Mountain Lodge are two great options for accommodation. There also a wide range of holiday accommodation in Canungra and neighbouring towns.


There are a lot of walking tracks to explore on your visit to Lamington, all of which a unique experience. Lamington National Park boasts of one of Australia’s best walking track networks that allow you to fully explore the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. You will find various walking tracks in both the Green Mountains section and the Binna Burra section of the park. The walking tracts are of varying distances in order to accommodate for the different fitness levels and experience of visitors. 

If you are up for the challenge, you can explore the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk in the Green Mountains section of the park. This walking track is a 54km walk and would take several hours to complete. If you are interested, you can read up the profile of the work track and then plan your walk.

Picnic & Day-Use Areas

There are a couple of day-use areas in Lamington National Park. These areas are complete with facilities like picnic areas, toilets and electric barbecues. You find these day-use areas in both the Green Mountains and Binna Burra sections of the park. You should expect a crowd though because Lamington is popular for day visits especially during weekends and holidays.

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